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Site - Keep the Landing Page Simple
Research indicates that most visitors know what they are looking for when they hit your website so the trick is ensuring that they can get to where they want to be quickly by removing frustration and preventing the visitor from leaving the site to another...

How often to post on Social Media?
How often should you post on Social Media? It's something that keeps us up at night. Okay maybe it should keep us up at night but it doesn't. We leave the sleepless nights to the gurus of social media! However it is something that you need to co...

Your TripConnect Bidding Strategy
Bidding StrategiesTripConnect involves bidding for placement in price and availability search results. Your bid, relative to the bids of others, will determine where you appear. Below are some strategies to consider, both for properties who have relations... "protecting" guest identity
It appears that this message is rolling out across European markets currently and I was wondering if any businesses in the UK had received it yet?An extra level of security? This from the very company that made a habit of sending out hundreds of thousands...

Borthwick Castle to Reopen in July
One of the best pieces of news I picked up at Expo in Aberdeen was that the wonderful Borthwick Castle was approaching completion of its refurbishment and will be open again in the summer.Of all of the refurbs going on in Scotland just now I cannot wait t...

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The Claymore Project

The Claymore - A Double Edged Sword

The Claymore is a bespoke designed and developed - and wholly independent - Content and Destination Management System that has been built specifically for the creation of direct website marketing for the hospitality and tourism sector.

Over the past decade the Claymore has provided content management solutions for hotels and guest houses large and small; it has provided integrated on-line marketing products for small chains and marketing groups; it has developed niche products for golf and music related businesses.

In building the functions of The Claymore we always recognise that your website is only one of your distribution channels and we are always developing tools to make integration with your other communciations methods friction free.

Our new suite of Open Rooms products provide high quality, high added value online marketing solutions for the accommodation sector while our SiteBuilder SME range is ideal for the retail or visitor attraction sector.

Please contact our knowledgeable account management team if you require more information or a demonstration.

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Accommodation providers of all sizes need a much more co-ordinated approach to marketing their business online and Open Rooms provides the integration that your property needs.

Your marketing campaign needs to be driven by an attractive and structured site that graphically reflects your business, your ethos and sells your rooms efficiently and effectively.

The relationships you build, through your social media activities, your email campaigns and your content development, provide the drive that generates traffic; a flow that builds customer awareness, interest and desire and ultimately a call to action

And your booking engine, critically, must work with your site and your relationships to maximise your conversion 24/7 and turning your looker to a booker with the least possible resistance.

Our experienced design and account management team can provide the independent hotelier, guest house owner or self catering operator with the tools to ensure that these marketing cogs can power more low cost DIRECT business back to your bottom line.

Why not discover how we can help you drive your online business that bit harder and faster this year? Whether your priority is your site, relationships or conversion we are certain we can improve your business.

Develop your site; Build your relationships; Maximise your conversion.